Scripts Update (29.05.24)


Staff member
Nov 15, 2022
↘️The function "Auto E of the enemy on the hill" is implemented

↘️Fixed combo operation with the "Sidestep" aspect

↘️Fixed the operation of combos with an innate ability

↘️Fixed the combo with the "Kinetic Fence" aspect

↘️Fixed Combo and Orb Helper operation

↘️Fixed an issue with Overpower reuse

🟢Player Pick Analytics
↘️Fixed a problem with displaying statistics before accepting a match

🟢Take all fishing awards
↘️A script has been added that allows you to collect fishing rewards in the first and second acts and in the "Winged Races" event. The number of points may vary, but it cannot be less than the maximum reward.
You can pick up the rewards here:=
Menu = Abuse → Tfashion fishing awards