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Nov 15, 2022
Hello friends! The Melonity team has prepared newest version of VBE (Visible by enemy) and it is live on our client , Please review comment section below about the function in details :

VBE version 2
There are 2 modes of operation:

If you play with the "Safe mode" enabled in the settings, then VBE will show when you were seen, but it does not know when you will stop being seen. Therefore, the indicator always disappears after a few seconds, you can adjust the time using the slider in the script section. This is quite enough to burn down an enemy ward or a hero in the invise under him.

For those who play with the "Safe mode" turned off, we have implemented two VBE running simultaneously. We remind you that you turn off the security mode at your own risk. This is unlikely, but in the future Valve can track the functions that the "Safe mode" blocks. The second VBE analyzes and checks when you are no longer visible. For it to work, you need to get any damage, for example from forest creeps or buff, debuff (invoker spheres, items, etc.).

In fact, version 2 of VBE is not mandatory and is made a bonus for those who play on the range and not on main accounts. If you just want to turn off the "Safe mode" for her sake, then we do not advise you to do this.

The first version of VBE is enough to remove the wards or warn you about the danger. It will never be affected by Valve and is completely safe to use. The main thing is to get used to the fact that the indicator itself disappears after 2-3 seconds, even if you continue to be seen. Now VBE works as an alarm, not as a permanent effect.

The script is located in the same section where it was. Full customization of color, brightness, etc. is also available. The slider is responsible for the time after which the indicator will turn off.

Kind regards , Melonity team :)
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